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Precision in Coding for Optimal Reimbursement

Medical coding is a crucial aspect of the medical billing process, ensuring healthcare providers receive proper reimbursement. At ReviseOn, we go beyond standard coding services, delivering reliability and quality that sets us apart. Our streamlined coding process guarantees efficiency, precision, and compliance in your healthcare practice.

Our process involves extracting relevant data from patient medical records, identifying specific diagnoses and procedures, and assigning codes with the utmost accuracy. We offer customized coding solutions tailored to the unique needs of each specialty, ensuring an effective and personalized approach. Transparency is a core value at ReviseOn, reflected in detailed reports providing insights into the financial health of your practice.

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    Our coders carefully analyze medical statements and documentation provided by healthcare providers. They classify this information using standardized classifications.
    Our coders work with the billing team to generate a super bill that includes charges the payer is responsible for patient insurance coverage, and any co-payments.
    Our coders advocate for the healthcare provider to ensure the claim is approved. They work to recover Aged Receivables and help ensure that denied claims are paid.
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    Our Expertise in Medical Coding Services

    Extracting Documentation
    The base of accurate coding lies in extracting relevant data from the medical record of a patient. Our medical coders carefully review the notes of the physician, diagnostic reports along with other documentation to collect the important details about the procedures and diagnoses.
    Identifying Procedures and Diagnoses
    This step involves a thorough understanding of medical terminology and the ability to interpret clinical documentation accurately. Our coders exercise meticulous attention to detail to ensure that all relevant diagnoses and procedures are correctly identified.
    Codes Assignment
    Accuracy is supreme when assigning medical codes. Our codes adhere to the latest guidelines of coding. The guidelines ensure that codes are assigned to the highest specificity level.
    Customized Coding Solutions
    We comprehend that every medical practice is unique. We customize coding solutions to fit the certain needs of specialty guaranteeing an effective and personalized approach.
    Transparent Reporting
    Transparency is one of the core values at ReviseOn. We deliver easy to understand and details reports on performance of coding providing you insights into the financial health of your practice.

    How it Works?

    Our coding staff is well versed and highly proficient in providing services such as:

    1. Improve your coding accuracy

    2. ICD 10 CM, CPT, HCPCS, NDC and Modifiers

    3. Provider note Audits and Code Reviews

    4. Specialty and Payer specific coding requirements

    With a comprehensive range of proven Medical Coding Services, we ensure to minimize errors, reducing lag days and optimize revenue.

    We assure tactful, efficient and accurate claim submissions via our professional coding services that are dispensed by experienced and highly trained professionals who are masters of their craft. To the contrary, if claims are not submitted accurately they result in heavy loss. Incorrect coding may result in inaccurate claim submissions.


    Custom coding solutions for every healthcare facility

    • ReviseOn boasts an expert team of medical coders with widespread experience and knowledge across a number of specialties.
    • ReviseOn guarantees assignment of accurate codes, reducing errors and decreasing the threat of claim denials.
    • We comprehend that every medical practice is exclusive. ReviseOn customizes coding solutions to fit the certain needs of your specialty.
    • Our processes of coding are powered by cutting-edge technology which help to reduce manual errors.
    • ReviseOn is committed to extraordinary customer service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The transformation of healthcare diagnosis, medical services, and procedures into universal alphanumeric codes is known as medical coding. Medical coding professionals always ensure that codes are applied effectively during medical billing procedures.

    Within medical coding services, every aspect of patient care is documented so it can be billed successfully.

    It depends upon the package you choose.

    There are multiple steps involved in the medical coding process:

    • Abstracting the documentation
    • Query if necessary
    • Code the diagnosis
    • Code the procedures
    • Confirm medical necessity
    • Double-check your codes

    Software like Epic, Centricity, Eclipse, and others are on the top. Also, we can use any software that clients desire.

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