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You work hard to provide quality care to your patients, but are you getting paid what you deserve? Errors in medical billing means lost revenue, denied claims, and legal troubles. Therefore, medical billing audit services by a medical coding audit company become a necessity.

ReviseOn offers healthcare coding and compliance audit services for healthcare providers. Our experienced billing auditors review a provider’s billing codes for accuracy, compliance, and optimization with real-time issue resolution. So don’t put your practice at risk. Get in touch with us today and let us help you meet medical billing compliance.

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    Our Services in Practice Audit

    Medical Coding Audit
    We do medical coding audits for all types of medical records, including inpatient, outpatient, profee, and home health.
    Medical Billing Audit
    We do medical billing audits for all types of claims, including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and self-pay.
    Government & Payor Mandated Audit
    We prepare providers for and respond to government and payor mandated audits, such as TPE, RAC, OIG, DMEPOS, and Medical Necessity.
    Clinical Audits
    We conduct internal and external clinical audits to assess the quality and safety of your patient care and clinical outcomes.
    Collection Aging Audit
    We improve your cash flow by auditing your aged claims for errors and refiling denied claims with our collection aging audit.

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